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The ultimate guide to start a company in Mexico

México is a huge market and a great place to invest

Generally, foreign investors may freely establish a Mexican company or acquire stock in an already established one.

The basic forms of Mexican business enterprise are:

  • Stock corporation with fix or variable capital, and stock corporation for the promotion of investment (commonly used by domestic and foreign investors. Allow modern and flexible provisions in Shareholder Agreements)
  • Limited liability company (used frequently)
  • General partnership (is not commonly used due to unlimited liability , unless willingness to qualify as a foreign partnership in the home country. Please review the matter with your international tax advisor)
  • Partnership with limited and unlimited liability partners
  • Civil partnership (is of non-commercial nature, and generally used for non-profit entities or by professional practitioners)
  • Joint venture contract (although not a legal entity, is treated as a separate entity for income tax purposes)
  • Branch of a foreign corporation
  • Sole proprietorship doing business (must be permanent resident for migration purposes)

In México the process to incorporate a company is fast