Bringing your supply chain to Mexico, is it convenient to do Nearshoring?

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Contenedores con la bandera de México y Estados Unidos

“The future is in Asia…” “or in North America…” the cries are heard in our cities… and nobody knows who is right! What future will our world have between now and 2075?

As if we were seers we say: “the future is on both sides!”, for each of our regions. It's just a matter of making ourselves more efficient.

That is exactly what Season 2 of the Tracer Mexico PodCast is all about: “360° Nearshoring”.

We will have a series of episodes and landings on the web whose objective is to explain and dissect, and also serve as a tool in decisions related to Nearshoring

If I am a businessman from the United States who sells anything... Where should I settle?

Traditionally the hand that rocks the cradle in the efforts of attraction and convincing were the state governments. Offering support, showing off their golf courses, their universities, their public safety. Now that the way in which logistics is viewed has mutated to regional and green, with an emphasis on feasibility, the power and muscle to determine place now is shared with the large owners of industrial parks, and with brokers. Much needs to be done in the creation and search for tailored suits. With innovation and long-term vision.

But the decision of the place for Nearshoring should be mainly logistics and feasibility. Seek to shorten the triangles and be able to grow. "There where the spurs are, and where the land is" -they say for the desert lands of the north.

The subject of Foreign Trade is fascinating because there you can crudely see humanity in expansion, the ambitions of different cultures. The question with which we open this text is something more than the long chapters of centuries: the coming and going of this blessed world of ours. We would hope that we could all live in democracy and well-being, in a green future.

Weeks ago, the North American Summit was held in Mexico City. Biden landed in the AIFA new airport. Good understanding between the leaders, between nations and a willingness to continue working together in the future. The agreements with Trump had been paralyzed, now they have been resumed, which is good. Although critical contentious issues related to the energy reform have been left aside, a professional and friendly message was sent. It was noted that they respect the legitimacy of our president.

One of the novelties is the idea of ​​a more unified economic bloc in the context of the Special Committee for Import Substitution.

Precisely in the context of "360° Nearshoring" it will be interesting to closely follow what is being done in that Committee.

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